Daily UI #001

October 18, 2015

Last week I signed up for something called Daily UI. It’s a daily newsletter where they send you design elements to design, daily, for 100 days. The hope is that after 100 days of consistent designing, you’ll get better at it. I thought it’d be a fun way to kill an hour every weekday, so I signed up.

Day 001’s theme is Sign Up forms.

Daily UI #001 Sign Up form

This is what I’ve got. I went with sort of a modern elegant look for this website. I don’t think it’s perfect. It needs more thought. Generally, a sign up form for the web brings more opportunities to further instill in the customer what they’re getting if they sign up, or maybe why they signed up. Adding friendly copy would help. Maybe illustrations. In any case, this is what I came up with in an hour.

I also found it quite interesting to only design one element for an entire website. I find that for every design element that I’ll do for Daily UI, I’d have to come up with at least a partial idea of the brand of the website I’m building the element for.

Well, here’s to getting better at design! 🍻


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