Daily UI #003 Landing Page

October 23, 2015

I had an idea the other day about an app that lets you share “blurbs” of audio. Short clips lasting at most 15 seconds. Kind of like Twitter for audio or Vine without the video. I might hack it to life next weekend. Not for anything serious, just something fun to do.

Daily UI #003 Landing Page

The things you can share on there though. Jokes. Quotes. Guitar riffs. Movie sound bites. Pretty cool. I read about how people don’t like their own voices when heard through a speaker. I can empathize with that so I think it’ll launch with the option to upload audio clips directly, rather than being limited to what your smartphone can record.

The screen on the iPhone should be a photo (or video) of the actual app, but I didn’t want to delve into that at the moment.

Anyway. Landing page! I’m picking up the pace. 😎


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